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May 13, 2011

And the reviews are rolling in…

by dianagreenwood

Sometimes I feel silly posting on this blog. It’s as if I’m talking to myself. Hi, Diana, what’s new? Nothing much, couple cool reviews came in. Daughter sent a CD for Mother’s Day. Stuff like that. How’s the fat lump of a cat? Still lumpy. What are you having for dinner? Dunno yet, still early. I’m off to the post office to mail a signed copy to the winner from the Mixed-Up Files contest. Have fun with that.

*Waves to self.

In any case, some amazing people have read Insight and posted their thoughts on the story so I thought I’d share some of the links here. Because, well, I like them. And I am so appreciative. Self and I thank them for their kind words.

Dad of Diva’s Reviews, lovely comments and a great blog:

Orange Orb, a really cool blogger.

And a radio interview here:

That’s it from the blue moon blog. See ya when the clouds clear.