Insight is out in paperback and there really was a blue moon

by dianagreenwood

See? Unusual things happen. A real Blue Moon. A rover on Mars. A book in paperback. Expect the unexpected.

It has been a wild summer here what with two trips to L.A., one to Seattle, and a vacation/signing/work/wedding trip to Canada.

Insight is now out in paperback and that cool fact was celebrated at St. Vital Centre Chapters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where the nicest people live. I know, it’s my home town. It was great to be back. The house I grew up in looks very much the same as it did when I attended Bannatyne Elementary School, the lilac bush my mother planted at the corner of the yard is huge, and the garage my father built is still standing. My cousins are silly as always, and we added a lovely bride to the family. Life is good.

I am getting ready to revamp this blog and update my website (yes, I do know it is incredibly boring).  Watch for a new series of interviews on young authors, coming soon. Also watch for photos of cats, because those seem to draw crowds on Facebook, and hey, I actually like crowds.

For now, here is the new cover.

Dream, teach, love, do. Once in a blue moon, every little thing aligns.



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